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Non Communicable Diseases

What are NCDs?

NCD is a medical condition or disease, which is not infectious.

NCDs are diseases or medical conditions with long duration and relatively slow progression.

Communicable Vs non-communicable diseases

Communicable diseases

Sudden onset
Single cause
Short natural history
Short treatment schedule
Cure is achieved
Single discipline
Short follow up
Back to normalcy

Non-communicable diseases

Gradual onset
Multiple causes
Long natural history
Prolonged treatment
Care predominates
Prolonged follow up
Quality of life compromised even after treatment

What do we include as NCDs?

Non-communicable Diseases
Cardiovascular diseases
Chronic respiratory conditions
Mental disorder
Dental Diseases
Eye disease
Kidney disease
Muscular-skeletal conditions
Thyroid & other hormonal disorders

Noncommunicable diseases

Quick facts and figures

Noncommunicable diseases are the leading killer today and are on the increase.

36 million – 63.2%, almost two thirds – were due to NCDs

57 million deaths that occurred globally in 2008