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Dr.Rajkumar Eye collection center, Doddaballapur.

Donate Eyes and Gift sight

Eye is the window of the soul & brings the world to us. Most of our activities are depend on it, including reading this article & never be overstated. A significant part of treatable blindness is corneal blindness. Despite the advancement in science, the man is unable to create an artificial cornea like mother nature. Hence the importance of eye donation for corneal transplantation.

Abhishek Nethradhama realized the importance & Dr.Hareesh decided to do something about this. In collaboration with Rotary club, Arsikere & Narayana nethralaya Bangalore, Eye Collection center was started at Arsikere in 2009.

The enthusiasm spread to the native place, Doddaballapur & Under the guidance of Dr.Rajkumar Eye Bank, the Dr.Rajkumar Eye Collection Center was formally inaugurated by Dr.Bhujanga Shetty, Chairman, Narayana Nethralaya on 29/08/2010.

With the support of motivated team of volunteers & other social organizations, we started to encourage people to donate eye. We organized eye donation rallies, eyes pledging programs, lectures on eye donations in schools/colleges. We are thankful for the support of media personnel for their coverage of our effort.

We have successfully collected 1196 eyes as on 12/03/2019.This is the highest record for the taluk place in Karnataka (India). They have been implanted for the needy blind people bringing back light to their lives & their families.

Our efforts are being recognized & honored by then Hon.Union minister of health Mr.Harshvardhan and many social organizations. The journey has just begun & has a long way to go.

Still lot of work needs to be done as many children & young adults are waiting eagerly for new light in their life. It's time to face some facts & act proactively.
Our INDIA has 40% of world blind population.
INDIA has 30 lakh corneal blind people eagerly waiting for eye donation
Every year about 25,000 people join them. Half of them are less than 20 years.

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Dr.Rajkumar eye collection center
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Dr.Rajkumar Eye Collection centre, Dodballapur.




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