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Eye Donation Motivation Center

Do you know?

Eyes can be donated only after death. Eyes are too precious to be buried or burnt.
Eyes can be collected at home, hospital, mortuary or at the place of death.
One pair of eyes can give sight to two corneal blind individuals.
Eyes should be donated within 6 hours after death.
Removal of eyes takes only 20 minutes and does not disfigure the face.
Eyes are collected / distributed free of cost.
Our enucleating team will reach the place of deceased within 30-40 minutes.
If you come across death, please appeal to the bereaved family and gently explain and motivate the family to donate eyes.
Prior eye pledging is NOT necessary.
Eye donation can be done by all. No age limit.
Eye donation can be made even if the deceased person had B.P./ Diabetes/ asthma/ underwent eye surgery, etc.
During eye donation, 5-10 ml of blood will be collected for testing.
Persons with Jaundice, AIDS & other blood related diseases are NOT eligible for donation.

When you come across death,


1. Close the eyes of the deceased
2. Raise the head with pillow and switch off the fan.
3. Put the polythene cover with few ice cubes on forehead.
4. Inform Dr.Rajkumar's Eye collection center immediately.

If You Have Any Questions Regarding Eye Donation,

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